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Mylar is a product that retains body heat. One way to break the wind and create more protection from rain is to place two shelters facing each other, and then place a board on top, spanning the two roofs. You can use hardwood shavings not cedar or pine but keep in mind that softwood make a cat shelter are not suitable due to possible toxicity. As the cats grow accustomed to their new shelter, it may be desirable to add additional protection from wind or other elements by placing a door flap made of heavy plastic or vinyl to each entrance of your roughneck home. Some cats will resist entering a shelter with only one exit as it puts them in make a cat shelter vulnerable position.
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Rubbermaid Roughneck totes are a popular way to provide a safe and secure shelter for feral cats.

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Build a Feral Cat Shelter - Great Plains SPCA

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Having difficulty cutting the plastic? Be sure to make the tubing entrance large enough for all cats to fit through. Some cats like to mingle; some cats prefer to have their own space.

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An insulated feeding station that is built in the same fashion as a cat shelter works even better. How to Make an Outdoor Feral Cat Winter Shelter. Cats can find. Here, you'll learn how you can build an outdoor shelter for the community cats in your neighborhood. It's easy, it's cheap, and your feline friends will love it!. Feral cats need warm, dry shelter to protect them. Feral cats can get frostbite on their ears, nose and paws. Feral cats typically build a protective coat for winter.
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If neither option is possible, make sure the door faces away from prevailing winds or faces a wall.


One way to break the wind and create more protection from rain is to place two shelters facing each other, and then place a board on top, spanning the two roofs. Colony Management - Shelter. Put the door at one end so the cats can huddle at the other end out of the wind. Mylar is a product that retains body heat. Straw, the dry leftover stalks from harvested crops, repels moisture, making it ideal for keeping cats and other animals warm and comfy all winter long.
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Scroll down the page or click on a topic for links to helpful information. Cats rely on body heat to stay warm, so keep your shelters small for only a few cats.
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Building a weather-proof, snug and inexpensive feral cat shelter Place the smaller box inside the larger box and make sure the lid of the outer box will still. May 14, Help your neighborhood community cats out this winter making this really easy do-it-yourself cat shelter that offers protection from the cold. Using the instructions and pictures below, you can construct your feral cat shelter in just 15 minutes. Learning how to make a feral cat shelter is fast & fun!.
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