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Thank you for that information. Get in touch with your airline for details on flying with these kinds of cats. You can pre-schedule your seat but you cannot check in at home or your pet won't check in with you and it might be a bit more difficult to do the whole process. If you love your pet you must travel with it safely! Traveling with cat on plane want to traveling with cat on plane from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users. You could also opt to use a pet shipping company. Air France was the only company that allowed my cat to travel with me in the cabin.
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Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cats can fly this way either as checked bags on the same aircraft as you, or unaccompanied as shipping cargo.

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You must keep forms and passport close to you at all times because you will constantly be asked for it. Cats' owners know they are very territorial animals.

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Flying with your pet? You will need airline pet policies for travel with a dog or cat for over airlines! Find which airlines welcome pets. What can be learned from the mistakes of others — and the advice of experts — when traveling with cats on airplanes. Answer 1 of This is not so much of a question but just an insight on my experience of travelling with my cat, Skyler, on a plane, seeing it was.
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It costs a lot to use them, but they supposedly make sure your pet is taken care of at each stop, they handle ALL the paperwork, etc

Research health requirements, other rules

I got Skyler in when I was living in London and had no intentions of moving back, but when I decided to come back home, I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving her behind. It took me about three vet appointments in total, including the final appointment five days before we traveled. It is really the duty of the owner to find out everything that is needed, the Vet will advise and help as much as possible, but may never have dealt with exporting an animal to "Country X" before. If it's one centimeter bigger than what they specified to you on the phone and on their website, they will not allow the cat in the cabin! You have to provide them with your flight date, they need to do all sorts of things. We bought another house in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and will be going back and forth several months at a time.
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They did have a Paris-Rio flight scheduled for about an hour from landing London-Paris but I didn't want to risk it being with a cat and all, and you shouldn't either.
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Successful flight with a cat begins long before the day of travel. It requires planning and preparation in order to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for. Answer 1 of This is not so much of a question but just an insight on my experience of travelling with my cat, Skyler, on a plane, seeing it was. Taking a cat or kitten along on a commercial flight can seem like a straightforward idea, but the logistics can mount. You may face additional.
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