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No New Engine? If i were just buying another trail sled then I would stick with them, but 2016 arctic cat are getting left behind in the MTN department. Just a stump-pulling, gorilla torque monster. One thing for sure is I like the sound of the starters on my 4stroke a heck of a lot better when its then 2016 arctic cat starter on a 2 stroke. I was really, really happy with my '14 ZR6 You do know that incat was the only manufacturer to gain market share? I'm thinking long and hard about the ZR
Fred - Age: 25
Price - 84$

I am sorry to see the suzuki 4 stroke dropped from the lineup, its a real workhorse. Keep up the good word!!!! So for trail sleds do we now have an axys and xp killer for ?

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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Reviews, Prices and Specs

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Marketing hype aside, the lightweight, single-ply PowerClaw track with a 3.

12 Things to Know About the 2016 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

-Next is a new, narrower in. adjustable ski stance (on all Arctic Cat M models except the HCR). It's a wider range of adjustability. Arctic Cat XF CROSSTREK, This unit is Located at: Central Mass Powersports For information please call: ARCTIC CAT XF Find MSRP prices, book values & pictures for Arctic Cat.
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George - Age: 33
Price - 70$

As for vs. I live in northern MN but trailer to the UP frequently.


The new QS3 shocks might a good upgrade for me as with maybe the new clutches. For starters we are in the Northeast and all the other brands are going to Snodeo and other shows, but not Cat. The new clutches are brilliant! Oh yeh and good luck with their warranty likewise. I had some hopes that there was going to be a 2 stroke version of the bearcat with some more power as I have always liked cats. The new lightweight, forged-aluminum spindles have less surface area than the previous design, reducing drag and improving performance in deep snow. I've been die hard AC my whole life but this really has me re-considering what I ride.
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Isis - Age: 21
Price - 154$

I feel these upgrades were greatly needed, especially clutches and shocks with some adjust-ability without needing 2 people and a pump. If so, is their a weight limit on the 2-up? Arctic Cat will offer a kit for the new front suspension and spindles that will retrofit on previous ProClimb chassis.
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Get the latest reviews of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles from nadegeribot.com readers, as well as Arctic Cat Snowmobile prices, and specifications. -Next is a new, narrower in. adjustable ski stance (on all Arctic Cat M models except the HCR). It's a wider range of adjustability. Wildcat-sport Side-by-sides Wildcat Sport. Wildcat Sport Limited. Minimum Operator Age: Black Metallic. Wildcat Sport XT. Minimum Operator Age.
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