Cat pulling hair out in clumps

If he's pulling out clumps of hair with his teeth, that's alarming and something is up. Cat pulling hair out in clumps nothing medical is causing your kitty's urge to yank, try to identify when the problem started to narrow down the origin of his stress. Contrary to how it may seem, your cat hasn't suddenly decided he would rather be a member of the hairless sphynx breed. Martha Anne just a FYI Detailed information about all U. Visit your vet and have her run tests to rule out other, easily corrected medical issues.
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What Causes a Cat to Pull Out Its Fur & What You Can Do to Stop It? - Pets

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It's one of those combs that pulls the cat hair that groomer's use for matted hair.

What Causes a Cat to Pull Out Its Fur & What You Can Do to Stop It?

Compulsive hair-pulling is called psychogenic alopecia, which essentially means your cat is yanking out his hair by the mouthful because something is. However, sometimes they go too far, pulling an excessive amount of hair out. This can lead My cat doesn't groom herself but instead pulls out clumps of hair. Wondering if the power of Mumsnet can help us here. Our cat has started pulling clumps of his fur our which we are finding all over the house. He doe.
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Why Do Cats Pull Their Hair Out?

Any ideas why a cat may leave their cat hair in tufts or clumps around your home or apartment? Could be food related? Can you feel any bumps or irregularities on his skin if you dig your fingers into the fur and sorta "scratchy-pet" him? He may, however, open himself up to possible skin problems, as the constant licking from his prickly tongue can open sores on his bare skin, leaving him vulnerable to infections. Whilst they might not pick them up directly, anyone coming into the house is capable of bringing fleas in with them on their shoes.
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In the absence of any medical cause the vet might then refer you to a cat behavior specialist. Martha Anne just a FYI
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Often, it's because he is chewing his hair, or pulling it out through excessive Occasionally, clients will notice clumps of hair in his normal hangout spots, or you . Learn more about why your cat might be pulling out its own hair and what you can do to treat the problem. If your cat is pulling out her hair, she could be suffering from stress or she themselves excessively or pull out clumps of hair with their teeth.
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