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Sarah January 23, at 1: No stranger than wool and probably more humane - you decide how good you treat your cat hair sweater. He's not my color. Lindsey Clark January 15, at 1: Marty January 16, at 1:
Boo Boo - Age: 33
Price - 83$

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These People Are Wearing Sweaters Made From Their Dog's Shed Hair - The Dodo

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I agree to receive emails from the site. Does anyone know a place that knit the blanket as well as spin the fur and approximately how much fur would they need? My Old English Sheepdog doesn't shed, but we brush a lot from him after each grooming..

Make A Sweater From Your Pet’s Fur!

“The year's most unconventional crafting book.”—Associated Press “This dandy little guide shows how to turn stray clumps of cat hair into soft and adorable. Spin Yarn From Cat Hair: I acquired a long-haired cat that hadn't been groomed in a while. Rather than throw the new cat directly into a bathtub and scrub her. One woman shows us how easy it is to make useful yarn from her cat's long fur.
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Emmy - Age: 31
Price - 154$

She used to keep it, spin it and make scarves and hats out of it for the family.

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Daily and Weekly newsletters available. Hello I would very much like to know if you could knit me a moustache out of my hamsters hair beacuse he moults all the time! She first learned how to spin wool by using a spindle and watching YouTube videos. And when you get right down to it, the fur compresses a lot. I don't think even an ordinary vacuum would pick most of this stuff up, since the Roomba seems to thoroughly groom the carpet. Here's what's going on: Artist's symbiotic fiber sculptures depict life and decay.
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Phoebe - Age: 20
Price - 156$

I have seen many beautiful sweaters made from dog hair and would like to know how many pounds of the undercoat hair would it take to knit a sweater. Artist mixes different jigsaw puzzles to create surrealist montages. I'd be creeped out if I knew someone saved my hair and wore it on their butt.
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Cat hair is a part of your life, so why not turn it into something fabulous? Or even get paid for it?. However one woman is now spinning dog and cat fur into wool for scarves and jumpers, and says that the demand has never been higher. One woman shows us how easy it is to make useful yarn from her cat's long fur.
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