Kitten panting after play

However, kitten panting after play are a few kitten panting after play in which panting in cats is harmless and short lived. Kitties can have really serious asthma but very few symptoms. Search Media New Media. Reply to this thread Characters only Characters remaining: In older kitties who start panting, a potential cause is congestive heart failure. She gets excited playing with the cat dancer too but the laser light was overdrive for her.
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They tear through the house chasing the light, they jump higher then with any other toy. Persistent panting, especially in a cat with other behavior changes such as lack of appetite or lethargy , means it's time to call your veterinarian for an appointment.

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Panting in Cats - When Is It a Sign of Trouble?

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Brachycephalic cats with pushed in faces, such as Persians and Himalayans , are especially susceptible to breathing problems, including asthma.

Open mouth panting after laser light play

Played with laser for the first time for about minutes. My kitten was overexcited and I stopped and wanted to get to a tangible toy play. Some cats pant during or after exercise or to try to cool off. Young, energetic kittens might pant for a short time while playing, like this little guy. So I have a kitten who's probably about five months old, and in perfectly good shape. Today is abnormally hot for my area especially in.
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Visit our sponsors - Litter-boxes. In cats with obvious symptoms, there can be respiratory distress caused by congestive heart failure, or leg paralysis due to a blood clot.

Feline Asthma Can Also Cause Panting

We routinely play for about 30 minutes each night before my bedtime, so minutes didn't seem too excessive which it obviously was. He's a fine, healthy 15 month old cat now and can run and play without a problem. We just have to know when it's time to take a break because not all cats will stop on their own. I asked the Vet about and she said that it was perfectly normal.. Visit our sponsors - Litter-boxes.
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Some cats pant during or after exercise or to try to cool off. Young, energetic kittens might pant for a short time while playing, like this little guy. When I played with her for a while she started to pant. We've had lots of kittens and none of them have been panting after excercise. Panting. Panting is a normal process after exercise. It is one of the chief ways in sort of medical condition, you're doing a good thing by exercising your kitten.
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