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He also said lump on cat belly had a heart murmur and probably has heart disease. This is used to detect comment spam. Going to do a biopsy this week BUT this morning I noticed he is in so much pain. My Toukie was 15 years old a Grey Persian Male, many years ago I lump on cat belly him to the vet as he was poorly, lethargic and lying around, not like him at all. The smell was pretty bad but it didn't abused kitten to be distressing for her so I decided to try and treat it first which I'm glad I did.
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Maine Coon, to a vet because she was suddenly peeing all over the house and licking herself. The hardest part has been explaining to my 5yr old daughter that Princess isn't coming home from the kitty doctor tomorrow. Not saying to put it down yet, but you should watch for signs.

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Feline Lipomas - Noncancerous Tumors

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The vet said she could put her on steroids to possibly shrink the tumor temporarily to give us time to say good bye to her, but I felt like we were only buying her a few weeks at best and she was so sick at this point.

Twelve Warning Signs of Cat Cancer Every Owner Should Know

Here are the most common types of skin lumps on cats are and some tricks you can Eosinophilic plagues typically affect the skin of the abdomen, inner thigh. Often they are located on a cat's belly or trunk, but can be found anywhere A fine needle aspirate of the mass will indicate whether it is in fact a benign lipoma. Anyone who's owned by a cat should know these twelve feline If you have a female cat, watch for lumps on her belly, which could be a.
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Is there someone out there that knows of any thing to make the pain less. My first cat, my love, started projectile vomiting, so I fed him canned cat food "pate". I'm lucky to be able to treat her myself because she is very placid and just enjoys the fuss while I'm cleaning her and putting on a variety of home-made dressings.

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No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. It started with her fur falling out. His illness was only apparent to me in the final months but by then it was too late. Cats won't tell you that they are starting to feel sick, or that maybe I should see the vet, or hey I might have cancer and you can save me if you treat it right now. I really miss my cat Wyatt, he was healthy then in few weeks lost so much weight, did not want to eat or drink water. Thursday afternoon I noticed a lump on my cat back left leg. In some cases radiation and chemo treatments maybe recommended.
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A shelter may put it down, not sure. I looked online and read that cats his age may develop that type of bump? If this is the case your cat may show symptoms of tiredness and lack of appetite.
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Often they are located on a cat's belly or trunk, but can be found anywhere A fine needle aspirate of the mass will indicate whether it is in fact a benign lipoma. So you're in enjoying a purrrfect cuddle session with your cat and noticed a pretty big lump on her belly, chin, tail, or somewhere else on her. I noticed that my cat seems to have a lump/growth on the lower left side of her stomach. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it. She seems to eat, run, jump, play.
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