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Depending on the cat, this acclimatisation period could vary from several days to a week or two. Continue to reward good, calm behaviour. Free access without supervision for short periods. You can provide introduce new cat cats with some tasty food at this point which will distract them and help create a positive associationbut make sure there is plenty of distance between them at first. If the cats show any signs of negativity towards one another or any signs of distress, replace the barrier to separate the cats and go back a stage. If your introduce new cat is persistently excitable or aggressive around the cat or vice versa speak to your vet and discuss a referral to a specialist pet introduce new cat. Signs that your new cat is comfortable with its new environment include:.
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The last thing you need at this point is a crazy cat chase!

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Introducing cats to each other | Bringing a new cat into your home | Blue Cross

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Start by securing your new cat in a dog-proof indoor pen or cat basket and bring your dog in on lead. This next stage should only occur when cats are fully comfortable with seeing one another through a barrier.

How to introduce a new adult cat to your cat

Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to introduce a new cat to your resident pet were a brief handshake and a couple of "HELLO, My Name is." nametags?. Plan on getting a new cat and already have an existing one? These steps will help ensure a peaceful relationship between your new cat and your existing one. Introducing a new cat to existing cats in the home can be tricky. Aim for success by following these steps and letting the cats set their own pace.
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Use one or two synthetic pheromone spray and plug-in diffusers around the house, especially in rooms where your cats are living, as these can help them relax and accept the presence of other cats. These items should be those that came with the cat, or brand-new.

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The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. Take care not to overwhelm either the kitten or your existing cat and take regular breaks. Although they are capable of forming friendships with their own kind, they are unlikely to feel the need for a companion and are often happy being the only cat in the home. If you already have two or more cats that get on well, another addition may destabilise the group. An over-excited puppy can easily harm a kitten and a frightened cat can do a lot of damage with its claws. General advice How to play with your cat Kittens and cats need to play so it is important that you provide an appropriate outlet for play either by
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This process can be repeated for more than one piece of bedding. An over-excited puppy can easily harm a kitten and a frightened cat can do a lot of damage with its claws.
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Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to introduce a new cat to your resident pet were a brief handshake and a couple of "HELLO, My Name is." nametags?. And yet, when the subject of introducing two cats has come up Instead, bringing a new cat home can trigger the territorial panic switch in your. When introducing a new cat to a household, take precautions to reduce the likelihood of problems.
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