Savannah cat for sale los angeles

We have a litter that was born October 1, They are beautiful, playful, family-oriented, exotic looking, loving and loyal Our goal is to provide healthy, happy and beautiful Savannahs for pets and show for our fellow feline lovers. Will ship USA where F4s are allowed. Fabulous litter of 3 boys, 1 girl. Boys are savannah cat for sale los angeles bigger than girls so if you are hoping for a larger kitten you will want a boy.
SUGAR - Age: 26
Price - 143$

They all use the lit June San Diego, California Email:

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Savannahs For Sale

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We would like for everyone to be able to experience the same joy and happiness of owning one of these truly amazing cats.

Savannahs for Sale

While known for their high intelligence, beauty, sleekness of body, and extraordinary size; Savannah Cats, majestic in their appearance, also have intoxicatingly. West Coast Savannahs. Los Angeles. Spotted Love Savannahs. San Diego. Designer Spots Savannah Cats. Savannah Cats Los Angeles - Argos Pride has a variety of Savannah Cats for the Los Angeles SAVANNAH CATS - TRUSTED BREEDER.
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Cole - Age: 20
Price - 103$

He loves to be with his humans. Been raised around kids,dogs,cats etc.

F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 cats

See our website kittens page for updated photos and prices. Savannahs do very well on a high quality dry cat food supplemented with canned wet food and some raw or cooked meat. All kittens are raised underfoot and in the home and are very sociable. She came from Tiffany Smith in Illinois. Avoid feeding the Savannah with cooked chicken-bones, as they can splinter and then pierce walls of his digestive tract.
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Buster - Age: 21
Price - 144$

F5 Savannah Kittens available now for their new homes! My Account Sign in or Create an Account. As you can see, Maya is very typey, and everything you would ask for in an F1.
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8 weeks old Savannah kittens males and females tica registered up to date on vaccines ready for Christmas great with children litter box trained call or text . Agent Cats Provides Savannah Cats in California, Savannah Kittens for Sale, Savannah Cat Breeders, Savannah Cats for Adoption in Los Angeles CA and. West Coast Savannahs. Los Angeles. Spotted Love Savannahs. San Diego. Designer Spots Savannah Cats.
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